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The Ninja (19-2)The Scorpion (0-2)

The Ninja is still undefeated this season and isranked #1. This week’s match up was nothing butpractice for last year’s light weight champion.She destroyed the Scorpion, fingering her at will,sitting on her face, and throwing her into manysubmission holds. The scorpion was totally helpless,and totally defeated on the mat. Even in RD4 thebarrage continued as the Ninja pulled the scorpionaround the ring by her hair, forcing the strap on downher throat, fucking like a demon possessed, thenforcing the Scorpion to cum over and over. Notsatisfied with that, the Ninja made the scorpioncum and squirt in her own face. A total defeat and amessage to the other wrestlers of US that the Ninjameans serious business.