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Vendetta(7-0)The Nightmare(4-0)

Vendetta is undefeated this season (7-0) and ranked 2nd. She has 30 submissions over 800 style points in just 7 matches. She has great leg skills and a killer grip. Vendetta’s eyes are set on the championship and Nightmare is in the way.The Nightmare is lifetime undefeated (5-0) She is serious about wrestling and serious about fucking the losers. She has 5 submissions and has earned 628 style points in just 4 matches this season. The Nightmare is feared and respected, for 1 good reason, She is brutal.Two undefeated wrestlers. Down to the last second, and we mean the last second. Final score: 82 to 81. TOTAL WAR!

The Goddess(6-3)The Dragon(5-2)

Isis is ranked 5th, the Dragon is ranked 4th. Bothwrestlers are coming off a loss. Furthermore, Isis hasbeen wrestling with a shoulder injury all season; andthe Dragon in her last match submitted 8 times, whichwas a US record. This match was a back and forth war,where both scored high style points and both fingeredthe other; however, only one got brutally fucked onthe mat in RD4. Very brutally. If you lose on thismat, then you pay the price.

The Ninja (8-0)The Goddess (6-2)

Not much to be said here at this point. Bothwrestlers are great, both hate losing, and both wantthe win. The Goddess (ranked 4th) wants it more, asthis is a rematch from season two. Isis wants revenge.Ninja (Ranked 2nd) just wants to kick her ass and fuckher again. And there it is….

Vendetta (6-2)The Dragon (15-4)

Another brutal update. SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT, youhear that word 9 times inthis match, and that is a new US record. The Dragonputs up a good fight, but Vendetta’s legs are just toopowerful. Made to submit over and over, andsubjected to frantic finger fucking on the mat, TheDragon slips in rank as Vendetta is now the #1 rankedwrestler at US. As a side note: it is so hot watchingVendetta fuck orgasm after orgasm out of the defeatedDragon in RD4, very HOT.

The Grappler (4-3)The Goddess (5-2)

This was a total war. This was brutal. This was emotional. This was personal. Round four was as vicious as you have ever seen it. Words do not even come close to describewhat you are about to see, so just watch for yourself. Someone won by only 9pts! This IS Ultimate Surrender!

The Jester (1-4)The Brawler (0-4)

The Jester (ranked10th) takes on the (unranked) Brawler. Both girls have close to the same mat experience but the Jester has come a little farther along. The Jester finger fucks her way to another win. The Brawler is still winless here at US, and is made to lick the Jester to orgasm in RD4.

The Ninja (19-2)The Scorpion (0-2)

The Ninja is still undefeated this season and isranked #1. This week’s match up was nothing butpractice for last year’s light weight champion.She destroyed the Scorpion, fingering her at will,sitting on her face, and throwing her into manysubmission holds. The scorpion was totally helpless,and totally defeated on the mat. Even in RD4 thebarrage continued as the Ninja pulled the scorpionaround the ring by her hair, forcing the strap on downher throat, fucking like a demon possessed, thenforcing the Scorpion to cum over and over. Notsatisfied with that, the Ninja made the scorpioncum and squirt in her own face. A total defeat and amessage to the other wrestlers of US that the Ninjameans serious business.

The Jester (1-3)The Grappler (3-3)

The Jester is the most talkative of all thewrestlers; her jovialpersonality has defined her name to a tee. In thismatchup, She islooking to improve herrecord over the smaller and lighter Grappler. Danapositively hates losing, and is getting tired ofgetting fucked on the mat, so she gives this match herall. The Grappler is tough, and battles as hard as anyoneto get the win. She does notgive up shame point easily. Giving up 4 inches and15 lbs she has her work cut out for her. Bothwrestlers are smack talkers, so who will get the lastword?

The Punk (1-0)Chaos (0-1)

Two very inexperience wrestlers are going head to head. Both with one match under their belt. Chaos lost to the Ninja. The Punk beat Kat. What does that mean? It will all go down to who wants it more, who is tougher. Who wants to fuck the other in RD 4.

The Ninja (18-2)The Grappler (3-2)

The Ninja is ranked 2nd with 42 hardcore submissions.This season alone she as amassed 708 style points, andreceived only 17 shame points. She is undefeated thisseason and she is in the best shape I have ever seenher in, training hard every week.The Grappler is the next best new wrestler we have.The last time I saw improvement like this was Isis. Toput it into perspective: The Grappler beat theDeceptacon by 508. Compare that to Vendetta’s win of509 over the Decaptacon and you can get an idea of TheGrappler’s burgeoning wrestling career. The Grapplerhas beaten her last 3 opponents by an average of455pts. She is no pushover!